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Dr. Janesri De Silva

We operate under a simple, yet effective philosophy: Children are our future, and the preservation of their health is our duty. Through our use of centralized medical records, we’re able to provide a better experience for all our patients.

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News & Articles

June, 2021

Introducing Telemedicine

Healthy Life Clinic, a subsidiary of Premier Physicians Medical Group, is expanding its care with the launch of Telemedicine.

April, 2021

Hand Hygiene 101

Clean hands save lives. Here’s what you need to know about the soaps to use and how to keep your hands clean, safely.

April, 2021

Smoking will kill you with every puff

The grave dangers that tobacco smoke poses to life warrant a daily reminder of what exactly smoking does to the body.

July, 2021

What we can do, in lockdown or not

One of the important aspects to understand is that being in lockdown is not normal for our wellbeing. So what can we do?

December, 2021

Eating Healthy or Dieting?!

One of the main reasons for diseases to run in families is the concept and pattern of dieting or following certain food habits!

April, 2021

You Can Conceive Despite PCOS

Early intervention can help in preventing the development of infertility from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

January, 2021

Guidelines for COVID-19 Home Quarantine

Official COVID-19 guidelines from MOH quarantine, self-monitoring, testing and treatment at home or non-healthcare setting

November, 2021

Diet’s Influence On The Immune System

What we eat, when, and how, are all factors that have an impact on our health. A well-functioning immune system is critical.

July, 2021

Keeping a Lockdown On Your Weight

Being confined indoors, how many of us are struggling with weight changes, stress and an uncertain predicament?

July, 2022

Medi Clinic Joins Healthy Life Clinic

Medi Clinic Channel Center, Laboratory & Pharmacy now part Of Premier Physicians Medical Group & Healthy Life Clinic

August, 2021

Food Claims and How to Fix it

It’s important to understand what these food claims mean so you can make better informed decisions about the food you ingest!

July, 2021

Navigating the pandemic

What can we do to bring a better state of health and wellness, and quickly recover to withstand the pandemic?